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Inglewood, CA

The King’s University at Inglewood Teaching Site*, located in the greater Los Angeles area, is strategically placed in the heart of revival history. Much of evangelical church history and revival has taken place in this vibrant, multi-cultural city.

As one of two Southern California locations offering courses through TKU, The King’s University at Inglewood exists for the purpose of raising up a new generation of Spirit-filled leaders for the work of the Kingdom in the 21st century. The longstanding partnership between Dr. Jack Hayford, and Dr. Kenneth Ulmer, Bishop and pastor of FCBC, paves the way for collaborative instruction in a fully accredited university setting, and hands-on ministry experience led by seasoned pastors and leaders within the unique and challenging culture of Los Angeles.

*Teaching sites/extension sites are locations away from the main campus at which the institution offers less than 50% of an educational program. Students at this teaching site who wish to complete their programs are encouraged to speak with their academic advisor about transferring either into an online degree program, or to our location that offers full degrees (Southlake). 

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Since its inception in 1936 as a small gathering of 18 dedicated believers, Faithful Central Bible Church has held the distinction of having only 3 pastors at its helm. Most recently, the Rev. Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer (affectionately known as “the Bishop”) began his pastorate in 1982, growing the church from a few hundred, to several thousand in weekly attendance. Faithful Central, located in Inglewood, California, in the heart of Los Angeles, engages in enterprising ministries through outreach programs; ministry schools and training; and social and community based programs. As a Bible-based, Spirit-led community of believers, Faithful Central Bible Church’s goal is Building Champions for Divine Deployment.

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The King’s University Inglewood
333 W. Florence Avenue
Inglewood, CA 90301

Partner Church: Faithful Central Bible Church

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